Today there were some technical changes to the back end of the server. I believe I have found the issue to the crashing, but I am not 100% sure. For the time being, the server will have a shorter view distance. I also changed how elytra's work, so you can no longer fly into unloaded chunks. Flying into unloaded chunks caused loads of lag spikes. I am aware the reduced view distance plus the new change may make navigating difficult for the time being, but view distance will be reverted in the future which should help. 

Losing items due to the server crashing has also been fixed. Also mobs have been boosted on the server.

By confuseN, 6 months ago
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July 2019 News Letter

Website Launch:

Dear MilkyMC Community,

It is my pleasure to anounce that we are launching our website! Our new website will serve as a central hub for server related information (We'll leave the discussion on discord!) This website will be especially useful for you new players who are looking for resources on how to get started, or how ...

By confuseN, 7 months ago
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