Trilson's staff application


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Feb 18, 2021
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What is your playtime:
20 hours 16 minutes 7 seconds in season 4.5.

Why would you like to be staff:
From my time on this server I’ve always appreciated the amount of support and dedication that has been put into it by the players and staff alike. The community that has grown from the server is both welcoming and hard working. The reason I would like to be a staff member is to improve on those morals that I listed above. I would want to continue to help maintain and improve upon the community that we have and make it stronger.

What makes you different from the other applicants:
I feel what makes me different than other applicants is the creativity and compassion I bring. I have spent each season planning an area for players to come and enjoy the views and maybe make a friend along the way. My main goal if I were to become a staff member would be to try make every player feel appreciated and heard while also trying to help solve any problem that a player might have. I know there are many incredible building staff members but I would also like to help with that department as well and try some new ideas to try to bring more innovation to this already amazing server.

What is your age:

Do you have experience moderating servers:

What season did you join in:
Season 4

Have you been banned at all this season (including temp bans):
I have not been banned at all.

Thank you for your time. :)


Feb 16, 2021
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Good application, well thought out responses. It sounds like you are truly invested in the server and our community. I don't have much experience interacting with you in game, but based off of your responses I think you have the potential to be a good fit, should you advance.