July Monthly Auctions


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Feb 16, 2021
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Tomorrow 1pm - Shopping Plot Auctions
We will be auctioning off the reserved shopping plots tomorrow at 1pm EST.

These are the sandstone plots near the start of the portal. We will be
auctioning off 1 month ownership of these plots.

Terms of the auction:
- All auctions must be payed in diamonds.
- You are only purchasing 1 month ownership.
- Staff reserves the right to buy back the plots at any time for any reason. (mainly will do this if we need the land for holiday events, etc)
- Plots will be automatically wiped in 1 month, therefore you must move your stuff before the next auction occurs, as we will do a similar auction for the plots next month too.

Upon ownership a sign containing the following info must be placed on the outside
- Username
- Date Purchased (Mm/Dd/Yyyy)
- Diamonds Paid

This event will be hosted by our community manager @vvel#7245

Are you coming to the event? Let us know bellow in the comments.