Hermitcraft Server- List of gameplay changes.


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Feb 16, 2021
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We have the following vanilla-tweaks crafting recipes on the server:
Edit: Unpackable Neth warts is not on the server. Also charcoal & blackcoal to dye is not on the server.

- Wandering traders sell heads
- Dolphins have a rare chance to drop hearts of the sea (looting increases the chances)
- Shulkers respawn in the end, in order to keep the end populated.
- Bedrock can be converted to cobble stone if you throw linger potitions of weakness onto it. (needs to be exposed to sunlight for it to work)
- Chains are climbable

- Day night cycles speed up depending on how many people are sleeping in beds.
- Hub portals to travel between districts.
- Guild plugin to organize group chats in game.
- Armorstand plugin, easily edit the poses to armorstand with /armorstand
- Many more small things tweaked.
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