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Jul 6, 2021
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What is your playtime: {3day 2hr 44min }

Why would you like to be staff: {I would like to be staff so I can help out all the other Staff and make sure everyone following the rule and handing out the punishment that need be handed out form player breaking the rule and i love the Community i would like to help the best way I could}

What makes you different from the other applicants: {i feel like what make me different from applicants is that i know a lot about Minecraft and i feel like i would be a good fit for the staff and }

What is your age {16}

Do you have experience moderating servers: {not really but i can put what i learn for up staff and apply it in the role i have }

What season did you join in: {4.5}

Have you been banned at all this season (including temp bans) no i have never been ban this season