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  1. Zomborge

    Not by me but my friend drew on the whiteboard

    It says what you would think it would ;)
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  3. Zomborge

    Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up

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    I art

  5. Zomborge

    Application, Zomborge

    What is your playtime: My current playtime sits at about 2 hours, it's not that much, to be honest, but school work has had me busy, but I'm coming out of the first hard while and it's settling down again, and I'm planning on playing more now. Why would you like to be staff: I really enjoy...
  6. Zomborge

    Poll on, are you enjoying the season?

    Big question and thats all but its a poll
  7. Zomborge

    media shareing

    Uhh whats the media sharing for, it's under hermitcraft server so I have no idea if it what I think it's for or not, and I don't wanna misuse it ya know
  8. Zomborge

    Character limit?

    I was wondering if the form has like character limits to the amount of charectors you are aloud to tippity type on these forms
  9. Zomborge

    Have you ever eaten a potato?

    The question is out
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    I was wonder how long you have to transfer your items into the new world?
  11. Zomborge

    favorite word zone

  12. Zomborge

    An ask questions Form

    An ask question form might be a nice thing to ask people questions when I have no idea what I am doing exactly like there might be some things on the website where I am like what the l is this for, or I might want to know how your day is going, I don't really know but It might be a nice thing to...
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    Itsa whata do

  14. Zomborge

    This is poll about the best district

    I kinda just wanted to make a poll because I wanted to know how it works, so here is a poll on what you thought was the best district, there is also a max amount of items in a poll
  15. Zomborge

    Computer specs

    Here to post computer specs Here is mine I play on a lenovo laptop which has a processor AMD 302e with Radeon Graphics, Physical memory DDR4. My laptop runs on windows. has 16gb of ram. as you can tell I know like nothing about coputers lol
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    Wondering if you know of this small game called Minecraft
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    Zomborge's introduction

    Hello, my name is Zomborge. I am the self-proclaimed hoe king. I joined at the end of season two and did nothing but I was there, I then proceeded to play on the main amount of time lots and lots on season 3 which is where I really made my entrance into the world as THE HOE KING. I have made the...