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    July Monthly Auctions

    Tomorrow 1pm - Shopping Plot Auctions We will be auctioning off the reserved shopping plots tomorrow at 1pm EST. These are the sandstone plots near the start of the portal. We will be auctioning off 1 month ownership of these plots. Terms of the auction: ``` - All auctions must be payed in...
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    500 RAISED WOO

    500 RAISED WOO
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    War Hogs - Spire Project

    Love to see the forums being used like this! Feel free to share you post in game to encourage replies :)
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    Medieval District Public facilities in MEDIEVAL

    Love to see the forums being used like this :)
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    Announcement 1.17.1 Now Supported

    MilkyMC has added support for 1.17.1, though we have yet to update, which we will ASAP. 1.17.1 is buggy and may result in visual bugs, 1.17 is still preferrered, but both should be usable until the server FULLY updates to 1.17.1
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    Announcement Some Updates

    Some Update: - Web map has been added back ( - Donators can now create nether portals of any shape/size. - Donators now have priority chunk loading. - Various commands such as `/sit` now work. - Various minor bugs (such as the cat bug) have been potentially fixed. -...
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    Continue the story! A forum game !

    then season 5 started.
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    Announcement Season Five: The New Stuff

    The following are new additions to the server: Wandering traders now trade blocks for miniblocks & player heads, there are different varieties of wandering trader. New invisible item frame recipe 1.18 Generation. Private signs to access other players inventory (similar to sign chest locking)...
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    Announcement When should End Update launch

    Please vote!
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    Why is zomborge the only one who posts profile updates

    Why is zomborge the only one who posts profile updates
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    Ban Appeal

    You are clearly to young for our community, it is evident by the way you act. And I told you to message mod mail because I was busy.
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    MilkyCart | Boat Racing Tournament.

    MilkyCart: A Mario Cart inspired event. Hello everyone, today I am announce the first major server event that is planned for Milky. We will be hosting a boat racing tournament, similar to Mario cart. RSVP is required for this event. If you do not RSVP you will not be able to participate. This...
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    Announcement How to support MilkyMC: Brave Browser

    More info on the technical stuff:
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    Announcement How to support MilkyMC: Brave Browser

    For example, my earnings for this month currently is $4.35 using brave rewards, last month it was $11ish. I recommend turning off auto-contribute, and deciding by yourself where you reward money should go. Brave uses a cryptocurrency (BAT), which is rewarded through using brave rewards, and...
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    Announcement How to support MilkyMC: Brave Browser

    MilkyMC has been verified as a creator on the Brave platform, this means if you use the Brave browser, you can financially support MilkyMC. Brave browser is a browser built on top of google chrome, it is designed to be faster, and more privacy focused. It is currently faster than chrome due to...
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    Announcement Election Vote

    The vote is now live! It will end in 5 days. You can change your vote at anytime, feel free to change if candidate sways your vote. The winner will be revealed in 7 days. Keep campaigning the entire time, you never know, it may be a close race! Remember.. no bribery from candidates.
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    Announcement My absence and milky's future.

    When I started Milky, I was at a point in my life where I was confused. Hence my Minecraft name. I didn't have a single real life friend, or any kind of personal friendship. Though, not much has changed in my life, and I am still quite lonely, I have found other sources of purpose. Milky filled...
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    Announcement My absence and milky's future.

    Hello everyone, I want to apologize for my absence and lack of effort the past few weeks. I just haven't been feeling the drive to work on Milky. After like 2 years of running a server, the fun starts to become far and in between. I recently started working on another community, discord oriented...