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    Computer specs

    How does a main rig that has I7 8700 32GB DDR4 Ram 250GB NVME SSD 120GB Sata SSD 1TB HDD 2TB HDD The for the severs. HP ML310e Gen8 V2 Intel Xeon E3 1241 V3 8GB (needs an upgrade) 4 x 1TB HDD Dual gigabit nic HP DL160 G6 2x Intel Xeon L5630 (Want to upgrade to X5675) 32 GB ram 4x 500GB HDD...
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    Up up and away is back!

    Also to add to this, Up up and away express has been launched right by the shopping portal! Perfect for the quick swoop of FD 1 rockets.
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    Up up and away is back!

    So you've killed the ender dragon, snagged that all important elytra but then realise its useless without rockets. Well fear not, up up and away is back, providing you with all the rockets you need, with some good deals to be had in the near future. We can be found in the North Eastern part of...
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    Ban Appeal - 7/15/2021 - ItalianTayto

    After reading your appeal, I agree with chunkk, you appear to be coming from a genuine place and I too am willing to start fresh. 2 votes for unbanning is a great start, however, I would like more input from the rest of the staff team.
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    Ban appeal.

    You've made your appeal after your ban expired. For future reference, we have logs that show you broke in the area in question.
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    Ban appeal

    This is not a false ban, our rules clearly state alt accounts are not allowed.
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    Ogel_Films ban appeal

    Appeal accepted.
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    We do not accept appeals for xray bans, we suggest you move on.
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    I almost died :shrug:

    I've survived electrocution twice 😂
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    What district are you guys going to do for the pre-season?

    I plan on being a hobbit this season, so probably be free build again lol