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    Voting Reward suggestions.

    Please post what you would like to see as a reward for voting.
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    Plagues Ban Appeal

    I don't have an issue with you getting unbanned. However, other staff welcome to voice their opinions below.
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    Announcement Hermitcraft Update - Crafting recipes & more

    Chains are now climbable Shulkers now respawn under the right circumstance. Bedrock will convert to cobble when lingering splash potion of weakness is thrown on it. Large phantoms are back. All of these updates should be live upon the next server restart.
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    The Pre-Season QNA - Ask your questions, and you will get a response!

    vanilla tweaks, and whatever we had last season.
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    you had to have transfer before the end of last season
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    I will be removing it within a week.
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    Poor lad

  8. ConfuseN

    im still banned in the discord

  9. ConfuseN

    im still banned in the discord

    Whats your discord @
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    My ban appeal

    Unbanned. Next offense you will be perma banned.
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    Announcement Server launch -- What to expect!

    The server will be launching today at 3pm EST. I am quite confident that this will be Milky's best season yet. Here are some of the changes coming to MilkyMC over the next 2 weeks: All members will have access to /armorstand, /ride, /sit, etc. Redstone limitations will be greatly lifted...
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    Server Wide Hub Helpers - BUILDERS NEEDED

    We are currently looking for builders for the new hub. You will be granted access If you are interested, and an actual good builder. Please post screenshots below of your best work, and we may reach out to you. Do keep in mind, only apply if you have the next 2 days free. There is a lot of...
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    I almost died :shrug:

    I was once in a car with my mother, when god said /smite car
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    Server Wide Season 4 Coordinates.

    Feel free to share coordinates here to different season 4 bases. This thread will be linked in the readme.txt for the map release.
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    The Pre-Season QNA - Ask your questions, and you will get a response!

    whitelist will be seperate, eventually the goal is to merge the two and unify bans but that will take time.
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    favorite word zone

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    Computer specs

    rasberry pi 4 8gbs + nvme ssd beat that
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    its not my birthday I was just testing the birthday thing lmao

    its not my birthday I was just testing the birthday thing lmao
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    Add a members page

    Followed up on this. We did indeed have a members page, however, it was disabled. I have since re-enabled it. As you will find, it is quite more than just a members page. The members page serves also as sorta a 'leaderboard' page and a few other things such as birthdays. Feel free to check it...
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    Random Eib Appreciation thread

    eib, you have permission to ban prodi