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7-6-2019: Technical Changes

Today there were some technical changes to the back end of the server. I believe I have found the issue to the crashing, but I am not 100% sure. For the time being, the server will have a shorter view distance. I also changed how elytra's work, so you can no longer fly into unloaded chunks. Flying into unloaded chunks caused loads of lag spikes. I am aware the reduced view distance plus the new change may make navigating difficult for the time being, but view distance will be reverted in the future which should help. 

Losing items due to the server crashing has also been fixed. Also mobs have been boosted on the server.


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July 2019 News Letter - Website Launch & More

July 2019 News Letter

Website Launch:

Dear MilkyMC Community,

It is my pleasure to anounce that we are launching our website! Our new website will serve as a central hub for server related information (We'll leave the discussion on discord!) This website will be especially useful for you new players who are looking for resources on how to get started, or how to locate certain things, such as the server map. And for the more vetrans players, we have some quality of life changes coming your way! You can now quickly vote on our website check it out here

We also redesigned our donation page to give it more personality! It now features a wonderful picture of the shopping district from season 1, and it also has some cool new features to it, like live tracking of the fundraiser goal, and it shows recent donators/monthly top donator!!

Discord Changes:

We have recently changed up #issues-and-questions channel on discord. Instead we will be moving to a more modern system called Mod-Mail. It is a much simplier, private, and easier way to talk to server staff about issues on the server. All you do is message the new Mod-Mail bot your issue, and a staff member will reply to you shortly! This means you can now privately report rule breaking, or anything of that nature! We also recently added a few new emojis on discord, so go check them out!

Season Pass & Summer Sale:

To celebrate the 4th of July, launch of the website, and reaching the 100$ donation mile stone in our fundraiser, I have decided start a summer sale on the season pass. Instead of it being the normal 20$ it will now be 15$ for this week only. 


On a more awesome note, I have some new features coming out to the Season Pass holders soon! More cosmetic commands, and cool things to flex in game! Woot! We also have a few new districts planning on releasing soon, so season pass holders will be given early access!

Community Events:

This week we have two community events planned for. The first being a fourth of July celebration for our American player, and the second being for reaching the 100$ mile stone on the fundraiser. I am not 100% sure what event we are going to do, so if you have any awesome ideas feel free to let us know in #suggestions on discord!

Important Changes:

We have recently updated the server rules, if you haven't please take the time right now and read them here.

We are in the middle of changing from using MILKYMC.COM to MILKYMC.NET, so please if you aren't consider using the updated IP:  the old IP will continue to work, but don't be that one lame person!


One final thing, Congrats to obauchanUwu for being selected as this months player of the month.


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